Making the List and Checking it Twice

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Bobby Johnson will celebrate his first Christmas with family in 9 years. He and Kwami made the HuffPo list for 2015

Coerced Confessions

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On August 1, 2006 Herbert Fields was robbed, shot and killed as he sat in his car in a not so good neighborhood of New Haven, CT. The killers ran to the next intersection and veered to the right towards where they lived. A few days later, the police asked to see if the prints on the vehicle belonged to a suspected shooter or the young man that knew Mr. Fields was flush with cash and had set up that place and time to meet and receive a small loan.

A month later, the suspected shooter was found dead in possession of the gun that killed Fields and had been used in other two murders just prior to the Field’s killing.

Forty-five days after that, an upside down palm print on the passenger side of the car came back to the suspected shooter’s cousin whom he lived with. Both had significant contacts with the police. Both matched the general description of the witnesses.This was the evidence.

Yet, all this was ignored, when some very questionable informants and the alleged illegal use of Confidential Informant money somehow led the detectives to the men pictured with me. The connections were tenuous at best.¬† A third boy, Michael Holmes was coerced into giving a statement against Bobby Johnson to my left and Kwami Wells-Jordan on my right. Coerced confessions¬† by Bobby and Kwami were used against each other along with Holmes’ statement. None of the boys had a lawyer present when they were badgered for hours. One was threatened with the death penalty, if he didn’t confess and was told he would just get 10 years probation, if he put himself and the other boy at the scene. The other […]

Kings of the Courtroom

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Gosh ‘n Golly boys and girls, I get goosebumps when my blogs are validated. The Economist’s October 4, 2014 article covered some of the same points from Putting Band-aids on Broken Leg- Conviction Integrity Units (CIU) , East Meets West, and Lights, Camera Action when they talked about how prosecutors have come to dominate the criminal-justice system. With that dominance, comes the potential for abuse.
On plea bargains concluding 95% of criminal cases, “Jed Rakoff, a district judge in New York, thinks its unlikely that 95% of defendants are guilty. Of the 2.4 million Americans behind bars, he thinks that it possible that “thousands,perhaps tens of thousands” confess despite being innocent.” The plea deal is managing risk, while getting hammered with a longer sentence after being found guilty is not.
On False Testimony, “A Study by Northwestern University Law School’s Center on Wrongful Convictions found that 46% of documented wrongful capital convictions between 1973 and 2004 could be traced to false testimony by snitches-making them the leading cause of wrongful convictions in Death Penalty cases.”

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