I’m veteran private investigator John A. Hoda and I promise this training will let you…

Cut Your Interview Time In Half, Get 35-50% More Critical Facts And Craft Statements That Hold Up 100% of The Time.

In this video training, you’ll ride along with me as I walk you through the key steps to conducting a fast, effective and comprehensive interview… and how to turn that interview into the perfect statement. I’ve conducted thousands of interviews and produced nearly as many statements… and I’ve trained countless other investigators in my powerful methods and tactics.

If you’ve ever…

  • Left an interview with the nagging feeling you didn’t get the whole story.

  • Had your boss send you right back out to redo your interview because he felt your statement was incomplete even though you spent hours interviewing and writing.

  • Watched your statements get ripped apart in court or by the otherside.

Then let me show you how to quickly and easily get the whole story and create a strong, complete and powerful statement.

Get The Department of What Happened Ultimate Guide To Taking Statements.

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There are three keys to the perfect statement…

  • Getting all facts

  • Summarizing the key facts quickly and efficiently

  • Crafting a statement so it holds up

 You can leave them to chance or you can get The Ultimate Guide To Taking Statements today!



Why new digital technology can actually make your interviews harder and less accurate… and how some simple, but surprising, tips can have your tech working for you not against you.

In my time as a police officer, insurance fraud investigator and now a licensed private investigator there’s nothing frustrates me more than reviewing a case and discovering that the interview statements are incomplete and inaccurate.

Which is why I was inspired to create this training.  And because I want to make sure you’re totally confident and totally effective every time you sit down to conduct an interview and craft a statement… I’m also going to include my Ultimate Statement Cheat Sheet.

You can take this cheat sheet into your next interview and have it next to you as you sit down to write up your statement so you can keep yourself focused on what you’re doing confident you’re doing it right.


In The Ultimate Guide To Taking Statements you’ll discover…

  • The very first thing you should say in an interview…and 6 second mistake most investigators make which kills their interview.

  • Whether your cell phone belongs on the table or in your pocket.

  • The “Cognitive Interviewing” technique which has transformed interviewing around the world but is still a powerful secret weapon for U.S. investigators.

  • Why the traditional police style Question & Answer format will never get you all the facts you need for your statement.

  • How to cut your total interview time in half…while still getting 35-50% more facts.